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Shaolin au Québec : Le Bouddha Amitabha ne souris plus...
« le: février 10, 2011, 17:36:17 pm »
Voici un historique de l'école Chan Wu dirigé par monsieur Massimo Rendinella. Il nous fais un résumé de l'historique de son école depuis sa fondation mais aussi par la même occasion un bref historique du Shaolin Kungfu au Québec des écoles issues du renouveau du temple shaolin d'aujourd'hui moderne. Jeux de pouvoirs, manques de coopération entre disciples québécois bouddhistes de shaolin, transgression des vœux, des préceptes du Bouddhisme chan et rupture des liens avec leurs maîtres chinois etc... bref du beau

voici une liste surement non complète des disciples de shaolin enseignant au Québec

Joe Zappavigna

Frédéric Métivier

Mario Hétu

Abel da Silva

Harry Yung

Steve Carbonneau

Massimo Rendinella

voici le texte, en anglais pour le moment traduction a venire

History of the Songshan Chan Wu Canada Academy (S.C.W.C.A.)

Over the years many different circumstances forced the moving around of our school. Some for good reasons such as bigger spaces made available to us, bigger opportunities, new collaborations, easier commuting etc….and sometimes for worse reasons like disputes, falling outs or even financial handicaps. Despite our struggle, we can proudly say that there was always growth within our group through each era and more importantly we survived it all.

Recently, some other local schools have been advertising their affiliation to the Chan Wu Federation. This has certainly been advantageous for them, however quite bothersome for us here at the S.C.W.C.A. Through our upward struggle we’ve dealt with many people who were merely looking to better their own reputation by collaborating with us on different levels. Although their have been joint efforts in the past, these were all short term endeavors. Furthermore we would like to make it clear that THERE IS NO CANADIAN SHAOLIN CHAN WU FEDERATION IN EXISTANCE TODAY. THERE HASN’T BEEN SINCE 2005.

Since our beginning in 1995, we have been through changes both in leadership and name. However our strong ties with the Shaolin Temple have always been a constant. Contrary to what some other academies claim WE ARE IN FACT THE LONGEST RUNNING SONGSHAN SHAOLIN SCHOOL IN MONTREAL AND ITS


For this reason, we felt it was necessary to give the people a detailed account of our history, so that we can express our gratitude to the proper people. The following is our school’s history dating back to the pioneers of Shaolin Kung Fu in the province of Quebec and the rest of Canada for that matter.


1994 – Shifu Abel DaSilva is contacted through mutual friends and is invited to go train in New York City with Shi Yan Ming (1st monk known for defecting from Shaolin Temple).

1995 – Under the permission of 34th generation Shaolin Temple monk Shi Yan Ming, Shifu Abel DaSilva and Shifu Harry Yung open the Canadian Shaolin Temple. Shi Yan Ming was Abbot of our temple.

1996 – A troupe of actual warrior monks (not today’s show monks) comes to Quebec City to demonstrate during the Lollapalooza Festival. Shifu Abel DaSilva joins the team and demonstrates on stage with them. This is where Shifu met Shi Xing Hong and many other great masters for the first time. Many of those masters all teach in the US today…ex: Shi De Shan, Shi Xing Hao, Zhang Li Peng, Shi Xing Wei etc. It is during this precise weekend that present day leader Max Rendinella joined the Canadian Shaolin Temple.

1997 – Canadian student’s names and photographs are requested by Shi Wan Heng and are archived in the Shaolin Temple.

1995 – 1998 The USA Shaolin Temple’s curriculum is taught at the Canadian Shaolin Temple through frequent study trips to New York City by both Shifu Abel and Harry. On one of these occasions they also had the honor to meet and learn from Grandmaster Shi De Yang.

February 1998 - Chinese Shaolin Temple contacts Shifu Abel and requests the Canadian Temple’s aid with the promotion of the Shaolin Kung fu World Tour Show taking place the following month in Montreal’s Molson Centre.

March 1998 – Chinese born Canadian Shaolin Temple’s student Lu Yong is brought back to China with the troupe after their stop in Montreal to live and train in Shi Xing Hong’s Dengfeng School for 3 years.

1999 – Through study trips from Canadian students, the curriculum is switched to Shi Xing Hong’s teachings from his Dengfeng School. Ties with Shi Yan Ming are broken. Shi Wan Heng suggested and authorized this change at that time.

1999 – 2001 1st location change due to scheduling.

Early 2002 – Once again the Canadian Shaolin Temple is contacted form China. This time Chinese officials ask for help with the promotion of the Shaolin Wheel of Life Tour.

Summer 2002 – Max Rendinella makes 1st trip to Hungary where Shi Xing Hong has been developing Shaolin Kung Fu since 1999. Here strong ties are made that would change the future of Shaolin back home in Quebec forever.

Late 2002 – Max Rendinella begins to teach in his own location under the name Shaolin Canada. This was the 1st extension branch of the Canadian Shaolin Temple.

January 2003 – The planning for Shi Xing Hong’s first visit to Canada was being handled mainly by Max Rendinella. It was during this time that collaborations were made with outside academies; one from Laval and one from Quebec City. Our leader, Max, held weekly improvement classes at the Laval academy while all proceeds went to his Shifu’s Temple. Under the orders of Shi Xing Hong, Max shut down his own school and gave the name to his Shifu’s school. The Canadian Shaolin Temple is officially renamed Shaolin Canada. This move was meant to strengthen the core unit by having both schools’ merge back into one.

March 2003 – The first Canadian Shaolin Kung Fu Seminar was a huge success sparking more collaboration with the mentioned academies. This also brought us to our 2nd location change due to better accommodations. Max continued to teach and supervise at the Laval academy.

May 2003 – For the occasion of the 30th anniversary of a local Chinese Television Channel…both schools performed together in a big Shaolin Show.

Summer 2003 – Max leads 12 other Quebecers (some from Laval, some from Quebec) to Shi Xing Hong’s training camp in Budapest, Hungary. Here the leaders of the 2 outside schools receive honorary Shifu rank in the Chan Wu Federation. This is more of a friendly gesture from our Master to show support of our joint efforts to promote Shaolin in Quebec.

September/October 2003 – The Canadian Shaolin Chan Wu Federation is born.

November 2003 – Max went to Las Vegas to train with his Master and Shi Xing Wei at the Shaolin Chan Wu Xue Yuan run by Richard Russel (known to the Shaolin universe as The Laval academy’s standout student joined him on this trip and began to learn from Max from this point onward.

May 2004 – The Canadian Shaolin Chan Wu Federation runs the 2nd Canadian Shaolin Kung Fu Seminar with Shi Xing Hong. This second event proved more successful than the first and more collaboration is formed with another school in Sherbrooke.

Summer 2004 – Due to uncontrollable power struggles only Max and his protégé make it to the Hungary training camp. The Canadian Federation is in turmoil. All the Shifu’s within the Canadian division are power hungry. The original outsider leaders set off to China together in search of new ties to Shaolin. (Despite their short term success, today they are also no longer tied to their new master as well. They both contract different monks for seminars from time to time). Max and Serge C. are approved to open their own Chan Wu Training Center and take over officially for Canada.

December 2004 - The Chan Wu Training Center opens officially with 22 already active students on day one. It is also known as the Twin Warriors School. It is from this point on that all collaboration between the schools was lost. This is the 3rd location change.

May 2005 - The 3rd Annual Seminar was held at the Twin Warriors Chan Wu Training Center. Very few participants attended due to the fallout between all schools. Regardless its intimacy, the master’s visit was perhaps the most important as he came with invitations to The International Chan Wu Federation’s 1st World Cup.

Summer 2005 – Canadian Shaolin Chan Wu Federation is at this point no longer tied to the International Federation despite their claims.

November 2005 – Canadian students and teachers were among the best representatives bringing home extraordinary honors from the 1st Chan Wu World Cup. Canada placed 3rd best country in the medal count. We only had 3 competitors so this was outstanding!

December 2005 – Upon returning from the 1st World Cup, a decision was taken to close the Twin Warriors School due to complications.

January 2006 – This bump in the road marked the 4th location change of the original school to the world famous TRISTAR GYM.

2007 – Max Rendinella is put in charge of the Shaolin division of the 1st Provincial Chinese Martial Arts Competition orgabized by Sino Montreal Academy. Despite reaching out to all former school member leaders, no one accepted the challenge to compete against his group.

2007 – Songshan Chan Wu Canada is contacted by Chinese officials to demonstrate in the opening part of a Shaolin troupe show in Montreal led by Feng Geng Huai (A very well respected master in Shaolin circles).

September 2007 – We had the honor of helping with the promotion of the JUNG GUA Shaolin Show through interviews and promotional classes held at Tristar Gym. This Chinese Troupe show was in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil and also had girls doing circus acts..

2008 – Wushu Canada representatives approach Max Rendinella about taking charge of the development of Sanshou in Quebec in order to produce quality athletes for the then upcoming 10th World Wushu championships. Accepting this offer marks the 5th location change for our school bringing us under the VTMTL banner.

2009 – At this time it was to be the 6th and final move to our current location after stepping down as Quebec Sanshou Developer for Wushu Canada to once again focus 100% on the development of Chan Wu in Canada.

November 2009 – Once again the Canadian branch of Chan Wu proudly bested competitors from over 20 countries bringing home gold, this time from the 2nd World Chan Wu Cup. Receiving Certificate of Leadership from Grandmaster Shi De Yang makes our school today’s source for Chan Wu Federation activity in Canada.

The above facts are in no way meant to insult, dispute or challenge anyone in any way. If while reading this very accurate account of details you felt so, please accept our apology. We merely feel it is our right to speak the truth about our Shaolin journey. We are confidant that if you or anyone you know trains in Shaolin Kung fu in our province, then it is surely thanks to our team both past and present as our student numbers reached well into the hundreds over the past sixteen or so years and we also spent time teaching the teachers of those other schools.

Today more schools are emerging from different branches, some branching out from already existing schools, and some following different masters’ altogether. We are happy to see this development in Canada. Now there are several Shaolin monks established in Canada, as well as an official Shaolin Temple Cultural Center. This was merely a dream to us back when we started and now it has become reality.

Also the following are a list of people to whom we would like to express our infinite gratitude for their role in the Songshan Chan Wu Canada journey:

· Shifu Anouvong Nachampassak
· Shifu Fernand Morneau
· Shifu Apay Nachampassak
· Shifu Abel DaSilva
· Shifu Harry Yung
· Shifu Lorne Bernard
· Shifu Yang Hai
· Shifu Shi Yan Ming
· Lu Yong
· Shifu Duan Zhi Chao
· Shifu Robert Lyons
· Shifu Shi Xing Wei
· Shifu Yuan
· Shifu Rolland Quenon
· Shifu Stefano Dalla Vecchia
· Shixiong Robert Nathan
· Shifu Darrell Carreon
· Shifu Ialrio Camponi
· Quan You Li

Each of you has brought something to us which has helped shape the type of Kung Fu students we strived tirelessly to become.

Through the last fifteen years, we’ve endured many hardships. We had to relocate constantly, we had friendships ruined, politics interfere with our real passion, and people making up false claims about us. Through all this we can only say it was karma and we’ve accepted it and are ready to go forward for at least another fifteen years. If the Shaolin Temple has been able to endure worse over the past 1500+ years and survive, then we certainly cannot let a few rough years discourage us.

To all other acquaintances that we’ve shared experiences with both good and bad, we also thank you, for our shared time and energy has led us to higher places. Our karma has passed but the spirit of those times will linger.

So here’s to the future…Amituofo!

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Shaolin au Québec : Le Bouddha Amitabha ne souris plus...
« le: février 10, 2011, 17:36:17 pm »
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Re : Shaolin au Québec : Le Bouddha Amitabha ne souris plus...
« Réponse #1 le: mars 15, 2011, 15:24:22 pm »
Une chose m'a toujour marqué chez bouddha. C'est cette parole paraphrasée : "Ce seras les moines et les monastères bouddhistes qui tueront le bouddhisme."

Le chemin de l'éveil est une chose de très personnelle, une découverte qui se réalise par soi-même. À chacun son chemin! Différentes personnes peuvent nous ammener à nous rapprocher de notre potentiel optimal, mais seul l'individu en ses sacrifices et efforts personnels est à même de se réaliser.

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Re : Shaolin au Québec : Le Bouddha Amitabha ne souris plus...
« Réponse #2 le: mars 15, 2011, 16:04:16 pm »
très belle remarque...pour ma part je crois que si il y a problème de communication,ego,pouvoir et de fraternité entre les différents enseignants et pratiquants de Shaolin c'est que la plupart des gens qui le pratique et/ou qui s'affichent comme maîtres embrassent que le coté art martiaux des enseignements de Shaolin (et bien souvent très en surface) et négligent le coté bouddhisme , spirituel, entrainement de l'esprit, étude des textes canons etc..qui font partie intégrante des enseignements de Bodhidharma et de Shaolin. Bref ils passent à coté de beaucoup de belles choses dont l'opportunité de vraiment comprendre ce qu'ils font ....ce qui donne lieu a ce que Max démontre dans son texte sur l'historique de son club.
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Re : Shaolin au Québec : Le Bouddha Amitabha ne souris plus...
« Réponse #3 le: mars 15, 2011, 16:40:11 pm »
Je suis d'accord avec toi. C'est un comportement économiquement très compréhensible par contre. Le mot "Shaolin" est devenu une marque de commerce. Une sorte de sceau de la pureté martiale. Au début, cela me fascinait et je recherchais absolument LA branche RÉELLE, la PLUS pure pour parfaire ma pratique. Aujourd'hui ça ne me préoccupe plus vraiment. Je me concentre sur la qualité de l'enseignement et surtout de pratiquer une forme d'art martial qui convient à ma personne.

Une pensée qui donne à réfléchir (que cela soit juste ou non comme énoncé) :

Selon la légende Bodhidharma après avoir enseigner aux moines de Shaolin pour la défense et la santé a quitté le temple parce que la pratique c'était détourner de sa fonction originelle (qui est l'éveil) pour devenir de plus en plus martiale.


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