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The FMA Informative wishes all a very Happy New Year.......
« le: janvier 01, 2013, 22:13:38 pm »
FMA Informative
The FMA Informative wishes all a very Happy New Year. May 2013 be a healthy, prosperous, and productive year.

Manigong Bagong Taon sa inyong lahat! (Tagalog)
Mabungahong Bag-ong Tuig kaninyong tanan! (Cebuano)
Narang-ay a Baro a Tawen kadakayo amin! (Ilokano)
Mahamungayaon nga Bag-ong Tuig sa inyong tanan (Hiligaynon)
Mamura-way na Ba-gong Taon sa indo gabos! (Bikol)
Masaplalang Bayung Banwa keko ngan! (Kapampangan)
Mainuswagon nga Bag-ong Tuig ha iyo ngatanan! (Waray-Waray)
Maaligwas ya Balon Taon ed sikayon amin! (Pangasinan)
Mahigugmaon nga Bag-ong Dag-on kinyo tanan! (Akeanon)
Makasi Tahun Ba'gu kaniyu katantan! (Tausug)

Well a new year for the FMA Informative. What does this mean, well it could mean more issue coming your way on different aspects of the Filipino martial arts and Philippine culture,
     Why write for the FMA Informative? Well it is an online magazine and can be downloaded where ever there is a computer, or an electrical device that is capable of doing so.
     So why was the FMA Informative put together? Just an avenue so people and Filipino martial arts practitioners could obtain knowledge and information about all the Filipino martial arts about the different practitioners, styles, systems and culture. For the Filipino martial arts, there is a lot of history and culture that should be known, and it continues to develop. And with this, a chance to get the recognition due to so many that deserve or desire the recognition. And to let future practitioners know something about what they are training in, and also to inform them and educate them in the culture of the Philippines, for to fully understand the concepts and an art, one should know about the history and culture of the art.
     Besides, the FMA Informative is also to promote the unknown and little known about, Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors, Practitioners, Styles and Systems, also the FMA Informative is willing to do articles on other arts, on styles other than the Philippine arts. However keep in mind not the history sort of thing, but the concepts, strategy’s, philosophies etc of the different arts, for let’s be real other arts have been and are taught in the Philippines and believe it or not have influenced some of the Filipino arts. It is to bring to light the Women Practitioners of the Filipino martial arts, and the Young Practitioners which will be the future of the Filipino martial arts. It is also for the Writers, ones that are well known if they will submit an article and for the Writers that need to be given the chance to express themselves through their writing and given a chance to document and gain experience in writing. For, what I call the big boys “Inside Kung Fu magaz
 ine, Black Belt magazine, Rapid Journal and others” and often do not get the chance since they usually want articles on the well known names and styles, since they are in it for the money and to make a living. Plus magazines like those are limited to the country they are published in unless someone visits and buys a copy and takes it back to their country. The FMA Informative t is worldwide through the internet. Also the FMA Informative is a free publication, costing you the subscriber / reader the cost of your printers ink and paper if you wanted a hard copy.
     The FMA Informative never has or will claim to be the authority of the Filipino martial arts and the Philippines, or to know everything about each style, Organization, Federation, or the full culture of the Philippines etc. That is why people submit their articles, views, and thoughts. The FMA Informative does not have a favorite Filipino martial art, and does not support one person, style, Organization, Federation or writer over another.
     The FMA Informative will not to be the middle person in disputes. As far as the FMA Informative is concerned it is just letting Filipino martial art practitioners become known and informing others of their views, their thoughts, styles, Organizations etc.
    Even though the FMA Informative is put together and distributed throughout the world, it is always the ones who submit, let the FMA Informative interview, gave information etc.., who will make the FMA Informative what it was. The FMA Informative is just a vehicle to promote the Filipino martial arts, the culture, and the history of the Philippines through its issues and the current news through its newspaper.
     So it is hoped that the FMA Informative will demonstrate throughout the future to be continuous in bringing as much information about the Filipino martial arts and it’s culture as possible.
     Something I believe, is the FMA Informative is just put together and published for anyone that is interested. It is the practitioners, writers, etc, that are the real FMA Informative for without them the publication would not and will not be!
Visit the website: and contribute.

Maraming Salamat Po
Mar Angeles
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The FMA Informative wishes all a very Happy New Year.......
« le: janvier 01, 2013, 22:13:38 pm »
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