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La Jingwu s'invite en Afrique


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--- Citer ---Chin Woo martial arts, created by Chinese master Huo Yuanjia in the 1900s, will be taught at elementary and middle schools in South Africa from the end of the year.

Martial arts masters with the Hongkou-based Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation have begun promoting and teaching Chin Woo boxing, tai chi boxing and other martial art forms in South Africa from this month, said Xue Hairong, deputy director with the federation.

“Chin Woo has become one of the most famous cultural brands of Shanghai, and such promotion aims to enhance cultural exchanges between Shanghai and South African cities,” Xue said.

The federation has established a training center in the city of Tshwane to teach the schools' coaches and teachers, and then students were encouraged to participate, he said. (...)
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Intéressant! Voir article pour la suite!

niveau 2:
J'espère que leur niveau de combat est plus haut de ce que je vois sur le vidéo.

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C'était un mauvais lien le vidéo.


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